Private dinners

The ideal restaurant for your private parties

A space that preserves important aspects, such as warm and generous hospitality, welcoming service and a family atmosphere. A formula that corresponds to the times and does not neglect everything that refines and perfects the environment, and consequently gives the customer the taste of their home. The architectural project is discreet, natural, characterized by an identity not reproduced in series. The rooms are distributed on several levels, in a game of stairs and mezzanines, the tables positioned in a flexible way, so that the customer can be the owner of the environment, increasing stools and support points, preferring visual preparation. And it is thanks to this architectural flexibility that the location becomes the right place for special occasions. Tastings, business lunches, birthday parties, parties or graduation dinners, couple dinners, can find form and expression from ‘Gusto al 28.

In the heart of the venue there is a surprising, inspiring space, preceded by two cells for maturing cheeses. A large sized marble table, surrounded by tall stools, dominates the most secluded hall of the Osteria. It’s almost like a venue inside the venue, that’s hard to forget. For dinners, parties, launches, but also for a very exclusive dinner for two.

Roman cuisine for your party

Our selection of typical dishes of Roman cuisine will enrich your special evening with taste, affabulating the palate of friends, family and work colleagues with the aromas, smells and tastes of the culinary tradition that you love.
‘Gusto al 28 is the right restaurant to celebrate your private occasions, such as birthday parties and wedding anniversaries, graduation parties and stag parties.
‘Gusto al 28 offers an ideal setting to host those crowded tables of diners, vociferous and festive, which have always been the symbol of more carefree conviviality, in the name of happiness and common pleasure for good food. Outdoor space is also available.

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