Event calendar 2020

Dj set and live music

Every Friday dj set, good food, drink and happiness!
From 7.30pm!

Also, Sunday aperitivo and live music. Discover the event calendar 2020!

Information and reservation: 06/62286019

Dj set- every Friday

From 7.30pm!

locandina dj set 18 settembre

locandina dj set roma 11 settembre

dj set roma gusto

Sweet Sunday

Sunday 20th September from 6pm.

Live music

Thursday 10th September – Sweet Georgia Brown
Swing and Traditional American Song.
From 7.30pm.

locandina live music sweet georgia brown

Thrusday 17th September Vanessa Elly
Keyboard, sax and voice.
From 7.30pm.

locandina live music vanessa elly