‘Gusto al 28 is the perfect start to the day


The cafeteria has a well defined personality and is perhaps the most important architectural element. The bar’s large counter connects the inside with the outside of the venue, via the windows that serve tables under the portico. For the whole length of the counter clients can peek in at the work of the bar, but also admire the gastronomy section, where they prepare the food from  menu for those who have time only for a short lunch break.
To the sides and open to the public, the wine shelves – floor to ceiling- tower over everything. But there are also the marble surfaces, one for the home-made sweets (croissants, muffins and biscuits, puddings to be eaten with teaspoons and cakes), and the other for savoury treats such as buns and sandwiches.
Everything can also be ordered to take-away.

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