The cuisine

Regional traditions

The Mediterranean origin of products at ‘Gusto Osteria reveal the tones and flavours of tradition. The genuineness of our gastronomic customs, of the raw ingredients are rediscovered here, as well as the desire to regain control of spaces and moments that give importance to the right to a break. Sitting round the table is a moment for consideration and a symbol of aggregation, friendship and sociality.

The team

The Italian flag flies in the kitchen and is conveyed by the typical recipes of the Lazio region, with dishes capable of bringing back olfactory memories in those eating them. There are also “Chef special” that vary on a daily basis according to what’s available at the market.
In the kitchen of the Osteria there is no rigidity among the roles. It’s a team of great cooks, passionate experts with a single goal: quite simply to make people eat well.